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Myths, mysteries and ancient history.Discover Something Old.

How Money & Debt Rules the World | Documentary | Social Corruption

Zeitgeist - Addendum - This film features former "economic sharpshooter" and successful New York Times writer John Perkins, and introduces the Venus
The American Dream Never Existed

The American dream, supposedly, is the idea that anyone can come from humble origins and through hard work and perseverance you can raise yourself up to a comfortable, middle-class life.
Former Israeli space security chief says Aliens/Galactic Federation exist, humanity not ready

This "Galactic Federation" has supposedly been in contact with Israel and the US for years, but are keeping themselves a secret
History of Religion - A MUST READ!
This is extremely interesting. Have you ever wondered how we began to worship as we do? What does the little fish on the back of Christians' cars really mean? Here it is laid out plainly
Dangers of Fluoride: Calcification of the Pineal Gland
“Fluoride is likely to cause decreased melatonin production and to have other effects on normal pineal function, which in turn could contribute to a variety of effects
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

An Introduction Programming Manual

Operations Research Technical ManualTW-SW7905.1

The following document is taken from two sources. The first,
The Top 15 Lies You’re Being Told About Health and Mainstream Medicine
We found a great article about the 15 biggest health lies told by the corporate doctors and healthcare professionals in the name of profit.  The article,
Bigfoot seen in Maine

DURHAM – “People don’t say anything. They don’t want people to think they’re a screwball, but I don’t care,” Durham resident Dennis Fraser said Tuesday, standing in his driveway. “Like I said, I’m

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The place on the internet for links to all the World’s Myths, Mysteries and Earth’s Ancient History. UFOs, Aliens, Conspiracy and Origin of Man Theories. Ancient Civilizations and Religious/Occult connections. 

Atlantis, Bigfoot, Sacred Sites & all Paranormal Phenomena are explored. Over 100 categories including Egyptology, Astronomy, Astrology, Magic, Pagan Rituals, Alternative Science, Time Travel, Cryptozoology, Bermuda Triangle… Everything!

Myth & Mystery searches the internet for all ancient history, paranormal and mystical links. Then we organize them into easy to navigate categories. You will find our site invaluable if you are in search of any such material. Studies of the Human Mind, ESP and other Psychic related links. Read up on the latest conspiracy theories and discover revealed secret government documents pertaining to UFOs, alien contact/abductions and military cover-ups. See the pyramids at Giza, discover their connection to Angkor and to the all the Sacred Sites. Visit the monuments at Easter Island and read historical documentation from the Mayans, Incas, Aztecs and many other Lost Civilizations. How about the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, Ogopogo, Canada – (Canadian Lake Monster) or the Lost City of Atlantis. Angels, miracles, the Holy Grail and all Biblical mysteries are here. Look no further for info about Dream Analysis, near death experiences and The Bermuda Triangle. See our index below. Everything laid out in an easy to understand website.

Myth & Mystery!
Myths & Mysteries Explored!

So, what are you waiting for?  Jump in and discover something old!

Welcome to Myth and Mystery.
Welcome to Myth and Mystery.

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11 thoughts on “Myths, Mysteries & Ancient History”

  1. The Holy Bible is the one AND only truth. I’m certain that you need this book to unravel all of the great illusions that have been systematically placed in front of all truth in this world. A good starting point to exposing the snakes that have been causing mankind’s failures is the book “Pawns in the Game “

      1. I agree with you and it’s a shame. But, I feel that there is still a God somehow. I know there are ghosts and psychic phenomena thru personal experience so, to me, anything goes. Prophesies from the bible are coming true and historically the bible has some truth; but, I feel that kings used God as an excuse to do their dirty work and had the bible written as such esp. in the old testament. The bible has been rewritten in different ways and interpretated in different ways, etc. sacrificing its integrity. Too, I feel the earth came to be by chance given all the bodies in the universe, but still, I can’t seem to not believe in God, idk.

      2. guys if u try islam and be open minded i’m sure ur questions will be answered ,,,,,we worship the same god ,,,,but jesus peace be upon him is his messenger

  2. Download the PDF “Book of Enoch” found with the Dead Sea scrolls. This ancient tome describes in detail the entities that visited Earth and changed mankind. It gives their names and describes their monstrous offspring.

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