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Morgellons disease: Managing a mysterious skin condition
from the Mayo Clinic:  Morgellons disease is a mysterious and controversial skin condition. Here you'll find answers to common questions about Morgellons disease
Chemtrails fully explained | Geoengineering | See & Share
In this video we view documentations and Patents for Chemtrail/Cloud Seeding/Geoengineering/Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and the chemicals being used.

Astronomers Will Scan Mystery Interstellar Object to Make Sure It’s Not a Spaceship
By Ryan Whitwam on December 11, 2017 | source

Every comet, asteroid, and planetoid astronomers have been able to examine up close
The Myth and Mystery of UFOs - Thomas Bullard
When United Airlines workers reported a UFO at O'Hare Airport in November 2006, it was met with the typical denials and hush-up that usually accompany such sightings. But
24 Famous Socrates Quotes That Everyone Needs To Read
Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy. He is an enigmatic figure known chiefly through the accounts of classical
Book of Enoch - free PDF download
One of the most important non-canonical apocryphal works, The Book of Enoch, was written during the second century B.C.E. and is  probably a huge influence on early Christian, particularly
Corporate Media Gatekeepers Protect Top 1% From Panama Leak
The problem with Corporate Media Gatekeepers - Whoever leaked the Mossack Fonseca papers appears motivated by a genuine desire to expose the system that enables
The Top 15 Lies You’re Being Told About Health and Mainstream Medicine
We found a great article about the 15 biggest health lies told by the corporate doctors and healthcare professionals in the name of profit.  The article,
Flat Earth - Science - proof exists

Have you thought about Flat Earth theory?  Is the world round or not?  Is it really a little globe spinning in space with other little globes around a much bigger ball.  This has
Mystery high-pitched noise keeps Oregon town awake at night
Authorities in Forest Grove outside Portland are unable to find source of flute-like tone, first heard decades ago and recently back in the evening air.

While America Was Sleeping The US Dollar Officially Died

Do you still think the US dollar is worth anything? You might, but other countries appreciate the Chinese Yuan as it has replaced the US Dollar in trading currency
Zika Outbreak Epicenter in Same Area Where GM Mosquitoes Were Released in 2015
United States — The World Health Organization announced it will convene an Emergency Committee under International Health Regulations on Monday,
Paracas skulls are not human | DNA test results show
Paracas skulls - The desert peninsula of Paracas is located on the southern coast of one of South America’s most enigmatic countries: Peru. It is there, in this barren
Dangers of Fluoride: Calcification of the Pineal Gland
“Fluoride is likely to cause decreased melatonin production and to have other effects on normal pineal function, which in turn could contribute to a variety of effects
Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal?

The producers outline 25 instances when Hillary Clinton showed her true colors. We already had her in the Oval Office. Do we need her there again?

Hillary Rodham Clinton is and,
History of Religion - A MUST READ!
This is extremely interesting. Have you ever wondered how we began to worship as we do? What does the little fish on the back of Christians' cars really mean? Here it is laid out plainly
It's a rich man's trick | Who killed JFK? Is terrorism real? Watch the film.

Terrorism is manufactured by the Ultra-rich hidden society in a time when no other 'nation' is available with whom to be "at war." They
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance made Illuminati member Jacob Rothschild sole owner of major semi-conductor patent

The disappearance of four holders of a patent for a semiconductor traveling on Malaysia
Laetrile / B-17: The Alternative Cancer Treatment Suppressed For Over 50 Years
“A control for cancer is known, and it comes from nature, but it is not widely available to the public because it cannot be patented, and
Are all 'Big Four' sports leagues/teams working together?
Here is a great article from the fix is in about how all the sports teams work together.  It is quite in depth and really does prove some points.
The Undeniable
Factory Chicken Farmer Comes Forward. Shocking
Factory chicken farmer blows whistle.  Here is a great story about a little guy coming out and speaking about what the big guys are up to.  Look at the horrible conditions
Global Elite Rules the World | Whistle-blower proof
Can it be that only a handful of individuals are running our world?  Are we under the thumb of a secret capitalist network?  Is it true that a global elite rules the
Breast Cancer Foundation promoting cancer causing products

( Before we start, let me give you a little bit of background information on Susan G. Komen. Komen is an organization that emerged in 1982
Keith Ranville | Oak Island Money Pit: Cree Code Breaker
By Brent Raynes:  Keith Ranville of Vancouver, British Columbia, is a Cree Indian who was born in Winnipeg. Keith has brought a new perspective to the legendary
Disgusting world of cheap chicken. Sickening chicken
How do we get get cheap chicken?
If you eat chicken, please watch this report from UK's, The Guardian.

Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in the UK is contaminated
Why the 40 hour week? Did corporations design your life?
Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed: The Real Reason For The 40 Hour Workweek


Well I’m in the working world again. I’ve found myself
Smithsonian Destroyed Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s
Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s
*Is this story false?  This website says it is.

Apache Land Grab - House votes to sell Apache land to foreign corporation

Thanks, John McCain!

Of course they stuck this into the NDAA because they know the NDAA always passes, regardless of the horrible things
Christopher Dunn - Giza Pyramid Power Plant

Have you read the theory from Christopher Dunn about the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau being first used as a power plant? Dunn is a master craftsman and an engineer
Nobody is Extinct! by Deb Huglin
"No one is extinct, nothing is lost, there was no great migration."
Information about extinction by Deb Huglin
Repatriation Archaeologist for the Wolf Clan of the Chahta
Chief Archaeologist,
Amelia Earhart's Disappearance Solved?

It seems like a piece of the legendary lost pilot’s plane has possibly been identified, leading some researchers that much closer to finally unraveling the mystery of her last
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  1. The Holy Bible is the one AND only truth. I’m certain that you need this book to unravel all of the great illusions that have been systematically placed in front of all truth in this world. A good starting point to exposing the snakes that have been causing mankind’s failures is the book “Pawns in the Game “

      1. I agree with you and it’s a shame. But, I feel that there is still a God somehow. I know there are ghosts and psychic phenomena thru personal experience so, to me, anything goes. Prophesies from the bible are coming true and historically the bible has some truth; but, I feel that kings used God as an excuse to do their dirty work and had the bible written as such esp. in the old testament. The bible has been rewritten in different ways and interpretated in different ways, etc. sacrificing its integrity. Too, I feel the earth came to be by chance given all the bodies in the universe, but still, I can’t seem to not believe in God, idk.

  2. Download the PDF “Book of Enoch” found with the Dead Sea scrolls. This ancient tome describes in detail the entities that visited Earth and changed mankind. It gives their names and describes their monstrous offspring.

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