Keith Ranville is a self taught researcher into the Oak island Money Pit mystery.Oak Island Money Pit Business Opportunity

Oak Island Treasure Mystery. Cross section of the money pit.Oak Island Nova Scotia Money Pit BUSINESS OPP0RTUNITY           September 15, 2006

Financial  Investment in Shares
Mr. Keith Ranville, is currently raising funds for this treasure hunting venture and is looking for "partners" to support his efforts on a share basis.  The share structure will consist of 200 shares as an initial "private placement" offering, the first 20 such shares to be sold for $ 5,000 each, the next 20 for $ 10,000 each, the next 20 for $ 15,000 each, then 20 for $ 20,000 each and the final 19 shares for $ 25,000 each.  Please note that the Province retains 10% of any "treasure" found, and that Keith's business partner, Michael Greco of Ottawa, Ontario holds 10% of the shares for his partnership, financial and business contributions to the project, and that Keith will retain the remainder.

The potential for financial gain could be limitless in terms of the projected treasure on site, but there are no guarantees given that the existence of the money pit has been postulated for more than 200 years and that millions of dollars have already been spent attempting to locate it with little success to-date, but this is a new theory on the location of the pit which has not been promulgated or investigated before and which has had considerable new press in the past year or so since it has been put forward and does hold out a new logical promise. 

By participating in this venture, an investor will be come part of and help facilitate a new and exciting approach for a well-publicized and very mysterious treasure.  And Keith Ranville could use the support at this time to forward his exploration. If you are interested in becoming a significant part of the effort of uncovering this treasure by pursuing this new line of investigation in a financial or otherwise, please either contact Keith Ranville directly  Leave Message, or:

Michael Greco
6333 Fortune Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1C 2A2
Cell:  613-282-5700

September 15, 2006

Note that we anticipate that traunch 1 of the $ 5,000 share certificates will close on or before November 30th, 2006, Traunch 2 by January 15th, and Traunch 3 by the end of February, 2007.  Upon receipt of a check in the appropriate amounts payable to Mr. Greco, Mr. Ranville's business manager and CFO for this project, investors will receive confirmation from Mr. Greco by email, backed by a signed share certificate and promissory note within 14 business days of receipt of payment.  This investment would entitle the shareholder/investors the deemed percentage of any and all profits from any ventures or business arrangements related to this voyage of discovery, after any and all costs related to it have been expensed, such costs being estimated at less than $ 150,000 per year during this start-up phase of the work.   

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Oak Island Money Pit Business Opportunity

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