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Ica Stones of Peru, Nazca Lines, Chilca Healing Pools, ... ...
... coastal desert I met Dr. Javier Cabrera at his private museum in the village of Ica, located just north of the famous Nazca Lines. Dr. Cabrera showed me his ... ...
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Nasca Lines ...
... The foremost expert on the Nazca Lines is undoubtedly Maria Reiche, a German mathematician who has devoted more than fifty years of her life to the study and ... ...
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Nazca ...
The Mystery of the Nazca Lines. By Alan F. Alford Author of 'Gods of the New Millennium', 'The Phoenix ... ...
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Nazca Lines ...
... Part 3: Deities and Pilgrimages Rituals, deity worship - were these the purposes of the Nazca lines? The dog (Most of the Nazca line images are clickable for ... ...
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Nazca Lines (Morgana's Observatory) ...
... The Nazca Lines. ... Continue to The Mystery of the Nazca Lines. Travel to Enigmatic Lands Sacred Sites. ... ...
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Nazca Lines Photos, tribute to Maria Reiche, Nasca, Machu ... ...
... the stars and predict weather. These markings on the vast plateau are enduring monuments to the creative ingenuity of the ancients. The Nazca Lines Gallery. ... ...
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Nazca Lines,Paracas and Ballestas island: Peru travel guide ...
... Peru Travel Information Center. The Nazca Lines and Paracas. ... NASCA, MYSTERIES AND ADVENTURE ... ...
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Pedigree of the Phoenix - Sunbirds of Total Solar Eclipses...
How a bird-like pattern manifested in the sun's corona during total solar eclipses inspired the Egyptian winged disk symbol and the Phoenix myth....
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Skeptic's Dictionary: Nazca lines ...
Robert Todd Carroll ... Nazca lines. The Nazca lines are geoglyphs and geometric line clearings ... ...
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The Nazca Lines and the "Eye in the Sky" - an eclipse theory...
A new theory proposes that the Nazca Lines and biomorph geoglyphs were most probably an ancient religious response inspired by solar eclipse phenomena...
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The UnMuseum - The Lines of Peru (Nasca Nazca) ...
Click Here The Lines of Peru. A Nasca trapezoid, looking like a runway, seems to invite ... ...
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Trace on plato Nazca...
The Mystery of The Nazca lines and geoglyphs The view from Russia ÓAlla Belokon, radiophysicist, the member of UFO-association E-mail: This page have been devoted to Maria Rieche's (190...
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